From the Secretary's Desk

In my opinion, discipline plays an important role for an Institution, family and the country, Discipline means obedience to rules and laws. It I necessary in every work of life. Every house has some standards of conduct. All members of house have to follow them.

Therefore, whenever, I get an opportunity to interact with students teachers and guardians, I draw their attention towards these things. Students and teachers have to act according to the rules of the school. So discipline is very necessary for success in life. I firmly believe, if you make your students disciplined, your 90% work is done. If a student knows the value of discipline, he will come to school on time regularly. He will not lag behind in doing his homework. Adherence to the rules of discipline makes one, a good citizen. A student, after completion of education is supposed to become a responsible citizen.

Indiscipline is a dangerous disease. The whole world of students suffers from it.

Discipline imposes certain restriction but it should not be a constraint on freedom of expression and thought. But freedom does not mean free thinking and free expression without caring for the sentiments of others. Free thinking is possible only in lunatic s asylum but not in the society. Outside law everything is confusion. So one must think within the bounds of law.

Imagine an Ugly situation when a child does not respect elders and even his parents.

Group indiscipline and individual indiscipline both, spoils career and life. A school going child lives in formation period. He should be guided in right direction.

To maintain discipline in school is my mission. Guardians have to play a pivotal role in this regard children live most of the time with their parents. Guardians responsibility in mounding the career and life of student is more than the schools. One of my scholar friends once told me. If a student bears the brunt of suffering for fifteen years he will be a successful man, otherwise, he will suffer whole life. Guardians must see to it that their children go to school daily, solve homework on time and not fall in bad company.

Dear friends, we are living in an atomic age. The impact of the age on human society has lean very deep. Our society has become mobile. All the old ancient values of life are faster. A modern by is so different from and old man that concept of a continuous process of development of life appears to have ceased to exit. The idea of worlds worth that the child is the father of man has become invalid. A modern boy is quite different in feelings, habits, tastes and inner urges. So we must dive deep into our glorious past groom our children. We must become a chin between the old and the new so that our students are rich culturally & educationally. There should be correspondence between the actual life & education that we impart.

It is my fervent appeal to the students, teachers & guardians to come forward & extend their helping hand in my mission to make each & every student of this school A Polestar that shines & guides our society. The Nation & the World

With best wishes to all who have any concern with education.
Sri S.N. Jha