From the Co-ordinators Desk

Pole Star, giving the true meaning of its name, has been shining in the heart of Mithlanchal from last eight years, to guide its children in their life journey. It believes that learning is joyful experience and enables the learners to find the meaning and significance of life. It helps to discover the unfathomed ocean of knowledge and nurture latent and creative potential in the learners. It believes that Education is not just the means of making one degree holder. It is the gateway to the are of living, which enables pupil to think, to discover the principles of the life and to correctly evaluate the experience to know the difference between achievable and unachievable.

Mission of this Co-Ed. Institution is to uplift level of Mithilanchal through the education. For achieving this mission school is going to introduce several vocational programs also.

The fact of the heart of Mithlanchal, I mean about Madhubani district is, it has population of 36 lacs and with a literacy of 41% and women literacy is just 26%. Only 80 thousand people are graduate, 2.2% to total population. In absence of proper industry and lack of vocational program 67% population is non-working and 10% are marginal workers. One third population comes from scheduled tribes and they are highly under privilege. Still a long path to achieve its mission is left.

As we know the school is the backbone of education system. It is the only institution second to family, which is charged with responsibilities of socializing the child and youth. It is the teacher who has to shoulder the responsibilities of becoming parent substitute as soon as child enters the school. Sympathetic and skilled teachers encourage the development of socially desirable behaviour and give them sense of self esteemed and feeling of security. School is an orchard where human beings are planted. Like gardeners teachers nurture small plant to turn it into huge tree.

Pole star, which is a well organized school, undertakes social activities and project. Students self governed under proper guidance, community project, a well panned house system are some of features for socializing the pre-adolescent and the adolescent pupils. Every student is given chances to take an active part in co curricular activities to train in personal responsibilities, who can adjust in any kind of life situation and lead a happy life. Because school knows that It is can adjust in any kind of life situation and lead a happy life. Because school knows that It is socially developed person who abide by rules that governs social group and who appreciates the value of good government, the importance of home relationship and value of co-operative living. It would not be an exaggeration if we say this institute promises to guide in this life voyage as being, Pole Star.


The vision of our school is to be acknowledged as an institute which provides quality education with modern teaching techniques with traditional roots attached to it.

It provides excellent academy of global choice, emphasize Indian values, culture & opportunities for the holistic development of every child to face the challenges of a changing world.


  • Achieve academic excellence.
  • Achieve excellence in co-curricular & extracurricular activities.
    • By binding sportsmanship & sense of competition through various activities in & outside the school.
    • By creating an awareness of personal well being of every individual.
  • Development in each child
    • A sense of responsibility & accountability.
    • Qualities like sharing & caring, respect for law environment, society & for oneself.
  • Sensitive in each fascinator
    • To be world class. Highly motivated & continuous learner
    • To have good work ethics & be professional in work
    • Achieve excellence in education
    • Through total quality management as a way of life & continuous improvement in all areas

At last I express my loving gratitude to all my teachers who have worked hard to make my Endeavour successful.

Especially I express my sincere thanks to all well-wishes & worthy guardian for their co-operation & hope even in future they will keep boosting my moral-up by extending their full support for upliftment of the institution.
Mr. Kailash Bhardwaj
Co-ordinator Desk