From the Chairman's Desk

Here at POLE STAR we are trying our best to fulfil this thought with unrestrained love, affection, devotion and dedication to our mission of moulding the hearts and minds of the students in positive and constructive direction. It is a Herculean task and it can not be attained without the healthy and whole hearted co-operation and of course an encouragement from you all.

Our school gives top priority to punctuality, discipline, regular work, sanitation and medium of instruction i.e. – English. Dear parents whenever, you are ill informed please come with fresh and cool mind and discuss with, the teacher/principal. You are always welcome with, the valuable suggestion’s & innovative ideas it for the prosperous development of the institution.

We firmly believe that the refection of educational performance and behavioural attitude. Among the children is the reflection of the institution as well as the home.

It is a challenge before the institution and parents to produce good and healthy citizen of the country so accept the challenge with your full potentialities and experiences for the accomplishment of future venture.

Hony' Academic Advisor : Sri M.N. Jha " Retd. Teacher. Sainik School, Tilaiya"

Since the remotest past the Polestar is the Sky has been giving correct direction to the travellers in the space. The ancient mariners have been taking reference from the Polestar in Course of their navigation.

The students passing out from the Polestar School will find the fundamental principles of life learnt and practiced here as valuable assets in course of navigation of their future life.

I wish our Polestar School proves worthy of its name.

With best Wishes,
M.N. Jha
( Retd. Teacher, Sainik School, Tilaiya )